Thanks to all our customers who took their time to leave us a review. Reviews are a valuable commodity when it comes to customers deciding wether they will use your company rather than another. This goes for Website Design companies too!


“We shopped around for plenty of website designers and found Speedy Media to be one of the best with comms, they also helped us get our SEO right which is something we didn't even consider.”
Irene McDonagh
CEO & Founder
"Nice easy people to deal with and got us exactly what we wanted, don't really know what else to say but they would be first port of call if I need another website."  
Blair Erikson
CEO & Founder
"They were right with their advice on getting my site to rank, saved me some money thats for sure, was going to spend a lot on pay per click but it wasn't needed in the end."
Hattie Bannon
Quality Realty Service
"Seemed the keenest to take on our project when I couldn't even get a reply for other webs design companies. Happy I chose them."  
Sarah Fowler
Admissions director
Ive already recommended Speedy Media a few times already. Nice clean site and pretty good comms too."  
Rob Harrison
Airframe mechanic
"Wasn't really sure what I needed but just knew you had to be online these days. Spoke to Speedy Media they gave me some options that I didn't even know it was possible to do. They got me online quickly and the price was ok too compared to some other quotes I got."  
Mike Hollis
Just needed an online presence where people could find us easily. Ordered a website from Speedy Media and very pleased with it. Didn't really ask for and SEO work as the website comes up on the first page for all the search terms we wanted anyway, perfect!    
Janice Goodman
Executive Director
"Great website, what more can I say. Told them exactly what I needed, they gave me the honest full price and were online in a week, Just needed a little bit of tinkering to get it perfect, very happy and would definitively recommend to anyone"    
Gary Meadows
IT department