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Having your site show on the first page of results is everything

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the term we use to prepare your new website to get indexed and show up on the first page of search results for any given search term. At the start of a websites life this just means getting the basics right but later it means concentrating more on great content, strong back links and a good user experience.


We improve your websites SEO with:  SEO titles and Meta Description, keyword Insertion, Cornerstone Content, Building of Organic Backlinks, User Experience, Avoiding any Black Hat Activity, External and Internal page links.


Organic Growth

Increase your websites domain authority and page rank by growing your business organically. Continually strengthening  your online presence through tried and trusted methods.


SEO starts with your site

Search engines love fresh unique content that is high quality and keeps users engaged, get that right and you are halfway way there 


Build Backlinks

Linking is an important aspect of SEO, websites with high domain authority (Not your mates travel blog) linking to your site will give yours a lift. 


SEO is fundamental to getting your page to rank well against competitors. We will optimise your new UK website showing you how to get the right mix of Keywords, internal/external links, fresh content and a unique selling point. Getting the right domain does not carry the ranking power that it once did. Nowadays your website content and backlinks carry much more weight!



SEO is essential to give a website the right start in life. After getting the essentials right you can work from a sound footing. We enhance and optimise your website as we build it. We always keep abreast of all the news which the major search engines release to give you a great service at an affordable price.



Increase in Web traffic


A lower bounce rate!


Increase in visitor engagement time


Increase in pages viewed

Correct Keyword Use

Keyword targeting has always been fundamental to SEO and it still is today. Get it wrong though and you could get demoted for "Keyword Stuffing". Also frowned upon is writing unnatural sounding content primarily for the search engines and not your user!


Watch your Site Rise

You should be patient with your new website but also expect results. We will send you weekly reports which will show how much traffic your website is getting and what improvements you could make.


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