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Word of Mouth Marketing otherwise known as reputation management can be of vital importance as to how people perceive your brand. Strengthen your online reputation.



Ordering a new UK website doesn't just mean getting your website online, optimising your SEO and leaving it to fend for itself on the world wide web. To drive traffic to your new website "Word of Mouth" or as its more properly known "Reputation Management" is paramount. This can be used both to big up your website and also to counter any negative reviews it may have. You may have noticed on review sites such as Trip Advisor that as soon as a less than favourable review comes up it will receive a response from the company owner defending or denying the offence.


When you buy a website from us we will manage your online reputation.  We can monitor the social networks via our network of media contacts to deal with any negative reviews or content. Think of it as a kind of online public relations service to both promote and protect your web presence. We also use our contacts to create a buzz and excitement about your brand. We both promote and protect your online brand.


Ordering a new website from Speedy Media means so much more than just getting online. Managing your reputation by methods such as word of mouth marketing and creating interest around your brand will bring dividends in the long run.


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We can provide detailed analytical reports concerning the reputation management of your brand and the products and services you provide. We give information on both positive and negative content found around the web concerning your website. There are a number of options for dealing with negative press or reviews and these could involve writing good reviews to push the bad ones down onto the second page of results. On review sites its always possible to leave some response to any negative reviews and so its important to be aware of these. Of course positive content about your site is always a good thing and is something you can positively add to.


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Good reputation management will optimise your brand presence and counter any negative reviews or content be it real or just false reviews from competitors. If handled properly it can mean the difference between a good website or one that goes stratospheric. Do you remember where you first heard that Google was the best search engine? probably from a friend.


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