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Long gone are the days when most web surfing was done from your PC. Mobile internet usage is what most of us use and this is expected to rise. Its important that your device is fully responsive to display correctly on these devices.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets now account for a vast percentage of internet browsing. In 2015 a major search engine update saw sites that were not fully responsive failing in search results for mobile devices. So your website needs to be mobile ready as soon as it goes online or you are missing out on some serious internet traffic. Getting mentioned in that all important first page of results is what its all about and this goes for the  mobile market too.

Today it goes without saying that any new website should be fully responsive. This is what we say when a website has been optimised to show well on mobile devices. In fact there is no way in todays climate where a website would be made unresponsive. If you look at any visitor numbers to your website you will see that a large number of them are visiting on mobile devices. This is a massive increase from just a few years ago.


As leading website designers our services are always provided as mobile ready responsive websites. You do not ask to have your website made fully responsive we do it automatically so your website will rank amongst on all the mobile devices on the market today. 



Increase in handheld search returns


Increase in page views


Mobile search views



We will build you a fully responsive mobile ready website which will rank amongst the handheld mobile search returns as well  as it does on a traditional computer.


Mobile Websites

A website designed by us is also designed with the mobile hand held community in mind as well as desktop.


Accurate Targeting

Today most E-Commerce is done via hand held devices. This is why we build all our websites to respond well to mobile search.


SMS Campaings

SMS marketing campaigns are becoming more popular. You do have to be careful though its very easy to start annoying customers.


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