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With the search engines now returning more local results its time to get your local SEO nailed

For some business its essential that they show strongly in local search results. This could be for business such as builders or local merchants whose custom base is local. Basically these type of businesses are not concerned with showing up in international results but are more interested in getting a strong local presence.


Speedy Media Website Design will help your website return strong search results for your local area. Getting your business on "Google Business" is a priority in this area. You just need to register your company with them then they will send you a code in the post which you can use to register your company with them and they also know are are at the physical location you say you are. This gives you strong local presence with Google.


Reviews in local search results can be something to be aware of. If you do a local search for a business in your area it will probably come back with a load of  Google reviews for that business. This is also an example for you to shine. The better reviews you get the more stars will show up on your business profile.



Increase in local business


Search returns


Increase in overall rankings


Smartphone appearances

Effective Local SEO Solutions

We make sure your business also appears on mobile hand held tablets and smartphones. Its important when people are out and about that they are able to find you as easily on a smartphone as on a computer. This is also vital for visitors to your area who may not know about you.


We prepare your website so it will feature strongly in the all important local search results. Local search results may not be all that important to your business as it could offer services nationwide. But for local companies strong local search results are essential and we build your site to work in this way.


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