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This is the relationship between you, your customers and a third party affiliate referrer feeding traffic to you.


You may have used Affiliate Marketing before but not even known thats what it was. An example of this was a travel company who had an agreement to refer work, which they could not cover, to other travel companies. In return they would do the same for them. This means everyone was happy and they were not turning work away. It could also mean another website linking to yours for some incentive or even subscribing to a newsletter.


Some types of affiliate marketing are a bit of a dark art and involves spotting an opportunity and taking advantage of it when one comes your way. Travel and service industries are well suited to this type of campaign but maybe less so E-Commerce site, but all can benefit to some degree.


Effective Affiliate Marketing is not asking your friend to add a bunch of links to his low quality website but rather a well thought out strategy. Its often a ideal way for a blogger to make some money from writing their daily blogs. For example you could write about that great little hotel you found in Thailand then link to them in return for some freebies, you get the idea.

Another example of affiliate marketing which is not quite above board is to offer a percentage discount to a customer who leaves good reviews for a certain product or service. This recently came to light when it was found that most of Amazons reviews were written by the same group of reviewers!



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Affiliate management may seem like business jargon but it really does work and have a real effect on sales. It can be the difference between you and your competitors gaining the lions share of the business out there. It can work at a local, national and even international level and its something you could easily discount to your detriment. Take advantage of our experienced team.


It is also important to maintain a good business relationship with your affiliate by keeping your end of the bargain, whatever that is. This could be if you are the owner of a carwash and you provide a free service for your affiliate. Of course when searching out affiliates its well worth keeping in mind the total car crash the was a well known youtube blogger who asked for a free stay at a Dublin Hotel. It totally backfired and she was publicly shamed!


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We offer our experience as affiliate marketing experts. It may not always be obvious to those with new websites how to start their affiliate marketing campaign but sometimes the answer is right there under your nose. Let us help you in this sometimes confusing arena.