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Based in Sefton but operating over the whole of the North West it was essential that Sefton Taxis featured strongly in local SEO. With some basic optimisation techniques this website always features on the first page of search results.


Local travel blogs relevant to our target areas saw increased website visits from those areas
22% Increase in bookings in targeted areas
Minimal investment for real results
39% increase mentions on social forums


To compete against other airport transfer services.


We targeted local customers by having a strong local SEO profile. We wrote some travel blogs that were relevant to the areas where we wanted to see growth. We also identified the "football crowd" who used the service especially those coming to the UK to attend football matches. We also concentrated on getting mentioned on the overseas football blogs and a trustworthy service.



Writing local travel news and blogs really brought in new local customers. Targeting the visiting football visitors also saw dividends. The football customers proved really valuable as the visited the UK during the winter months when business was slightly down. 


1.10% CTR

22% More Visits

39% Forum Mentions

From The Customer

"The guys at Speedy Media were very friendly and approachable and actually listened to what we wanted rather than what they wanted to sell us. They didn't try to sell us stuff that we didn't need and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of ordering a bespoke website."


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