Iron Man HGH

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Iron Man HGH wanted to stand out above the competition in an already crowded market. SEO was critical to this website otherwise it would have been buried amongst others of a similar nature.


First impression of this website says exactly what it is
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Initial outlay has been recouped hundreds of times
Forums and networks likes


To rise above the thousands of other similar websites.


When we first started with the is website we knew it would be a slow burner. But, once you get some visitors to the site it was essential to keep them there for a leat a minute or tow so as not be be penalised by Google's bounce off rate. We did this by showing the shop on the home page and enticing customers with some pretty good deals. We also engaged them by having a live chat app on the first page.



I was about to say slow and steady but this one has actually taken off quite quickly. Its getting more visits each day and whats better is that its growing in an organic sustainable way. This means when it does reach its optimal page rank its likely to stay there. Its growing as we speak!


0.2% CTR

24% less CPA

1000% ROI

From The Customer

"They were non judgemental bout our site and gave us some ideas into how to make our website stand out from the crowd which was always going to be the main issue. We are delighted the way things are going at present and the website is going from strength to strength. Looking forward to future sales."


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